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Rome, Italy

April 15, 2018

I was beyond thrilled when the opportunity arose to travel to Rome for an engagement session this past April! I studied abroad in Italy several years ago and Rome was one of my favorite places I got to visit. This time I stayed outside the city in the cutest Airbnb of all time with one of the best views (the first image was the view from the kitchen window)!

I can’t say enough good things about the little section of city I stayed in (It was called the Trastevere) and the authentic small town feel I got. All the little neighborhood squares and back alleys filled with music and the smell of fresh pasta had my stomach growling and heart on fire.

Rome was just one of those cities I could see myself living forever. Although I was exploring solo this time, I can’t wait for Matt to join me! He has never been!

Walking along the banks of the Tiber River was one of my favorite ways to pass the time in the city. There was no shortage of trees for shade or small boats to enjoy going up and down the canal.

How happy does this pup look?! You can always count on me to find at least one shot of an adorable dog in every place we travel!

I enjoyed a lovely lunch overlooking the Pantheon (pasta, of course!) and the crowd soon gathered to listen to one of the best violin players I have ever heard. He was playing incredible versions of popular current songs and the crowd was going wild! I even bought his CD!

Vatican City is a whole day experience itself. I explored the museum (make sure you get tickets in advance, I got to skip the line!) and took the secret exit to St. Peter’s Basilica. The climb up to the top of the dome in the Basilica was one of the HARDEST things I’ve ever done, but so dang worth it!

And just one sneak peak image from the incredible session with Lauren + Rich! If you want to see more, here is their whole session!

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