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Top 25 Engagement Session Locations

August 2, 2019

The search for the perfect engagement session location can be daunting. From Chester County to Delaware and everywhere in between, there are so many beautiful choices! We suppose that’s a good problem to have.

To make your choice pool a little smaller, we’ve rounded up our all-time favorite session locations, as well as a few bucket list places. If money didn’t matter, where in the world would you have your engagement session? Let us know in the comments below!

Philadelphia Highlights:

Art Museum          Fishtown          Addison St

Bartram’s Gardens         Rodin Museum

Philadelphia Art Museum — Philadelphia, PA

Are you even surprised this is on our list?! It’s a classic for any Greater-Philly area couple. The grounds of the Museum are stunning year round and the architecture is gorgeous. Not only will you get the best photos but you’ll also get a workout from
climbing the famous staircase! #WeddingBody

Fishtown Murals — Philadelphia, PA

If you’re looking for something a little more off-the-cuff and colorful, take a look at the Fishtown Murals. This spot is perfect for our artsy couples. It’s always fun to explore and hunt down all the new art popping up.

Old City/Addison Street — Philadelphia, PA

We have a big ole love affair with old city. Every nook and cranny has something special to offer. It’s old world charm has a way of putting a classic twist on any modern couple’s session. 

Bartram’s Garden — Philadelphia, PA

Take that same old world charm from Addison Street, stick it on a farm, and you’ve got yourself Bartrum’s Garden. Not only do you get acres on acres of greenery, but you’ll get to peep the Philly skyline, too! 

Rodin Museum — Philadelphia, PA

Nicknamed “Paris on the Parkway”, Rodin Museum is a little slice of Europe in Philadelphia. We highly recommend this spot for our travel bugs out there. It’s the only Rodin gallery to exist in America so it’s loaded with inspiration. We love the garden area… mostly because it’s full of natural light but also because there’s a garden bar for post-session sips. 

Chester County Highlights

Longwood Gardens       Yeager’s Tree Farm

Valley Forge          Unionville

Springton Manor Farm

Longwood Gardens — Chester County, PA

Longwood has every terrain imaginable. Whether you want spring florals or desert vibes, you can capture it at Longwood. Your photos can’t not turn out beautiful when you have a backdrop like Longwood. Their summer exhibits are radiant but we have a soft spot for shooting during the holidays. Longwood is magical 365 days a year.

Yeager’s Christmas Tree Farm — Chester County, PA

Speaking of the holidays… why not have your session at a tree farm? What’s more quintessentially Christmas than that? Think rows of green pine trees, snuggly scarves, hot cocoa, and cuddles. 

Valley Forge — Chester County, PA

Wide open spaces! Valley Forge is one of our all-time favorite spots to run around. Unobstructed field views, historic landmarks, and river dams make this location pretty hard to beat!

Unionville — Chester County, PA

Unionville’s quaint downtown area is a dream to shoot! All of the boutiques and shops, restaurants, and Pennsylvania architecture give an urban yet homey feel to any engagement session. One top of the picture perfect little town of Unionville, one of our favorite things to do is explore the country side. Covered bridges, roaring rivers, and the fun of crispy leaf lined paths await. We are lucky to have horse country in our backyard and access to many private properties thanks to our equine connections! If you want a backroads vibe let us know, we can pull over anytime the light gets good!

Springton Manor Farm — Chester County, PA

Springton Manor is an absolute must for couple’s shooting in the autumn season. The whole farmland turns bright orange and red. How cool! The farm itself itself is pretty cute, too. You might even score a cameo from a farm goat in one of your pictures! If you love picnics, animals, and the outdoors, Springton Manor Farm is ideal. 

Springton Manor Farm Engagement Session

Bucks County Highlights

Tyler State Park     Covered Bridges

Lockridge Park     Doylestown

Tyler State Park — Bucks County, PA

Tyler State Park is a local park that sincerely feels like home. It’s a versatile location with its tree lined lake, covered bridge, lush greenery, and a million different paths to follow and explore. Tyler State Park is perfect for our outdoorsy couples. 

Covered Bridges — Bucks County, PA

You know we are suckers for good lighting! The covered bridges in Bucks County offer unique lighting moments both during the day and at night. We can also play with the different angles of the bridge. Photos at the bridges are always fun to capture and you always walk away with one-of-a-kind engagement photos.


Lockridge Park — Bucks County, PA

Another gorgeous park with some seriously awesome hidden architecture. We LOVE shooting couples under the archway. All the different angles ensure your photos turn out a bit more artsy and playful. This is another excellent spot for our autumn couples. 

Lockridge Park Engagement Session

Doylestown — Bucks County, PA

Gilmore Girls vibes! Doylestown is such a cute place during any season. Take a walk down the boutique lined streets and you’re bound to run into the perfect backdrop. The architecture is described as neo-traditional, which is just an artsy way of saying a little bit old and a little bit new!

Delaware Highlights

Hagley Museum     Greenville CC

Winterthur     Battery Park

Rockwood Park

Hagley Museum — Wilmington, Delaware

Stunningly historic, Hagley Museum really has it all. The museum and library is located along the banks of the Brandywine River and was the original location for the DuPont Company’s gunpowder factory. Why am I giving your a history lesson? Because an old DuPont factory means really cool, really old buildings and gorgeous river views. 

Greenville Country Club — Delaware

OK, hear us out… it’s not just another country club! It’s a truly unique spot that you could only find in the Northeast. You won’t have to worry about your photos being ruined by a 1-under-par shot because there’s no golf at Greenville. It’s so beautiful that you might even consider getting married there! 

Winterthur — Delaware

We can’t even begin to describe the beauty that is Winterthur! Think Longwood Gardens on a smaller yet just as stunning scale. It’s the most unique garden location we have on this list. You can hang in a library, frolic in a field, and dance with fairies (yes, we’re serious!) all in one session. 

Battery Park — New Castle, Delaware

Day trips to New Castle are something special. Battery Park gives off a major small town beach mood. When shooting in the summer, your photos are bound to get photobombed by a sailboat drifting down the Delaware River. 

Rockwood Park — Delaware

Utterly romantic, Rockwood Park is our best kept secret. The Carriage House at Rockwood is unlike any building on this list. Floor to ceiling windows, indoor/outdoor photo ops, and hues of blue and green covering the exterior, you can’t not capture a few quirky and distinctive engagement photos here.


Here are a few of our favorite weekend getaway locations. Turn your engagement session into a mini vacation!

Washington D.C. Monuments + Park — Washington, D.C.

There’s no other way to describe it- the monuments are just really cool. Most engagement sessions these days are in a field of flowers, and as pretty as that is, sometimes it’s fun to shoot outside the box! Picture this: you and your love dressed in bright colors standing in front of America’s timeless limestone statues. Even better? You can take a trip back to D.C. once you’re married and relive the fun day of photographing your engagement. 

Brooklyn, New York

Welcome to New York! It’s been waiting for you! Brooklyn is like an adult theme park for engagement sessions. The bridge, the murals, the boutiques, the pop-up art galleries, the parks, the food. Brooklyn is a hub of culture waiting to be explored.

Cape Cod — Massachusetts 

We could seriously write an entire novel about how wonderful Cape Cod is. If it were up to us, everyone should have their engagement session in the Cape! Chatham, Nantucket, and Martha’s Vineyard are charming towns full of vibrant color, beach vibes, and legendary architecture. If you’re considering beach photos, definitely add Cape Cod to the list!


Here are a few places we can’t wait to shoot at one day. 

Merchant Exchange Building — Philadelphia, PA

We love the Greek Revival architecture and Corinthian columns. It’s a perfect spot to capture some interesting angles for truly extraordinary engagement photos. 

Terrain at Styres — Glen Mills, PA
Charming antique greenhouse. That is all. But seriously, Terrain is a dreamland. We even looked at having our own wedding there! 

Bushkill Falls — Pocono Mountains, PA

It’s called the Niagara of Pennsylvania and rightfully so! Hike, swim, canoe, or kayak, this would be one seriously awesome and adventurous engagement session!

Peace Valley Lavender Farm — Doylestown, PA

Rows and rows of purple plus a cute barn? Sign us up! We have so many ideas for capturing your stunning engagement photos amongst Peace Valley’s 3,000 lavender plants. 

Hortulus Farms — Bucks County, PA

Situated amidst one hundred acres of Bucks County beauty, Hortulus Farms and Nursery is a dream location. You’ll feel like a real life Disney princess walking the grounds. Our go-to spots are under the pergola and in front of the fountain. Your engagement photos will turn out better than Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s if you have your session at Hortulus Farms.  

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