But above all else, we are two people that are crazy in love with each other. We’ve been together for 13 years now. We’ve been through the ups and downs, and stuck through it all.

Our greatest adventure, is our adventure.

Our life consists of waking up early, just so we can be together faster. We believe in puppies at the end of the bed, and dishes that can wait until tomorrow.

We live for adventure, literally. We’ve traveled to 17 National Parks, and fell in love even more at each one. We believe in driving cross country, spontaneous adventures and daring greatly.

Though we love to be adventurous, we’re naturally a goofy couple. Matt is always cracking jokes to make me laugh, and we solve most of our issues with a game of rock paper scissors. We’re both firm believers in long walks in the park with our puppies. We appreciate a good TV show; we like to consider our images as good as the “blue stuff”.

We live to prove that love, endless love, truly exists; even in the glimpse of a photograph.

adventurous spirits, pet parents, and photographers for couples just like you

we're matt & grace

meet grace >>

I make decisions with my heart.

I love the pitter-patter sound of tiny paws and wet eskimo kisses in the morning. I’m full of life, love and passion.

I’m extremely indecisive and have the coordination of a drunk hippo. Matt on the other hand, he’s literally the decision maker and my “go-to” guy.

I’d prefer to keep our Christmas tree up all year round, and could survive off tomato soup from Panera. I live to document love.

world traveler, dog momma, and wedding photographer.

i'm grace

meet matt >>

I like to consider myself the behind the scenes Heisenburg of Right Start. I have a masters degree in trivia and I’m a shameless Breaking Bad addict. A good Netflix show is one thing I will never be able to resist.

I live for food. If you don’t find me behind the camera, I will be in the kitchen making a perfectly seasoned steak and pretending I’m a finalist on Top Chef.

frequent flier, grill master, and wedding photographer.

i'm matt

our silent partners >>

Once you get the chance to meet these two, you will understand they are anything BUT silent! They are our resident cheerleaders and never miss the opportunity for some encouragement snuggles. Chili loves greeting new friends at the door with a toy, and Matty is always a sucker for belly rubs!

the furriest members of the rsp team

meet chili & matty

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take a look at our own story and learn more about who we are through this sweet film by nathan pickett of np films

the start of our greatest adventure

our wedding video >>

We are so excited that Evelyn has accepted our offer to become a full time employee of Right Start Photography! We carefully hunted for the past few years for the perfect fit, the ying to our yang, and we couldn’t be happier to invite her into our RSP family.

Evelyn brings to the table a world of photography experience from her own company as well as a unique perspective and breath of fresh air to the traditional wedding coverage. Aside from photography, Evelyn shares our love for travel, movies, cooking, and she is a fantastic mother to her horse enthusiastic daughter, Lilly.

associate photographer, horse enthusiast, and new dog mom to "luna" our grand canyon puppy!

meet evelyn

When we asked Bre if she would like to officially become a wedding photographer for Right Start Photography, she may have given us the best answer ever:

"Totally. It's a ton of fun and I like the snacks"

Bre has brought a totally new dynamic to our team. Being the youngest has it's advantages, she keeps us up to date on what all the cool kids are doing on social media and the latest and greatest in camera technology. Bre is also one of the most talented photographers we have ever met. I can't WAIT to see what she becomes with the Right Start team training her! We are so excited to have her joining us starting in 2020!

associate photographer, award winning pretzel twister, and newest member of the rsp team

meet bre

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