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Blue Mountain Resort Pa Wedding | Laura & Steve

November 20, 2023

A bride and groom stand on the lawn of Blue Mountain Resort Pa for their wedding.

Overlooking the verdant Blue Mountains, standing atop lush green lawns, Laura and Steve said their “I do’s”. What was a picturesque moment for this stunning couple left everyone teary-eyed eyed including me. It’s not easy taking photos while you’re crying from the love you’re witnessing. But, alas I’m a professional.

I have been a Pennsylvania wedding photographer closing for over a decade and I still find myself crying at events. No matter where they take place. Be they at a grand multi-purpose wedding venue located in the Blue Mountains, or a lovely back yard wedding in Downtown Philadelphia. I’m an absolute sucker for love.

And Laura and Steve had it in droves.

And Blue Mountain Resort was a beautifully stunning backdrop for it.

Located just an hour away from the Lehigh Valley International Airport, finding the Pocono’s mountains in Palmerton Pennsylvania from Allentown is essentially a straight shot for any couple looking to schedule a destination wedding in the mountains for their Blue Mountain resort, pa wedding. Offering intrepid views and an elegant indoor event space, Blue Mountain is truly a magnificent location.

With exposed rafter ceiling and gorgeous carpeting, the 4,500-square foot event space offers an astonishing amount of room for all wedding guests. Originally intended for private vacation homes, The Blue Mountain Ski Resort opened itself to the public and established itself as a hallmark among Pennsylvania Wedding Venues.

With planners on retainer to help you schedule so that the day runs smoothly and on time, Blue Mountain Resort aims to create beautifully designed layouts for all of its couples.

Speaking of couples, Laura and Steve went with a rustic style old-world style which the mountain ski area was a beautiful location for.

As it threatened to rain, the bride and groom held their first look. Something I always suggest my couples do. It just adds a little something special to the day.

After the first look, it was time for the ceremony. It went along without a hitch. Watching this couple come together on their big day and tie the knot was incredible.

Typically, I’m on this adventure with a couple up to a year as we are finalizing timelines, scheduling calls and often just chatting with one another. The relationship between a wedding photographer and their couple is quite close. So, trust me, when I said I cried through my lens, I mean it.

During Cocktail Hour, I pulled the lovely couple away to do portraits on the massive expanse of area that the Blue Mountain Resort offers. An additional impressive 5,400-square-foot space is attached to the venue. But, forgoing that, we chose to keep them among the mountains.

Taking in the mountain air is a refreshing sense. Especially after a couple has just vowed to one another. It allows a sense of peace to flow over them and a moment to relax before they head back to their reception.

We merely walked around and chatted while I photographed them. Making certain not to get too posey and just allow them to be happy in themselves.

At one point we found ourselves walking along the cliffside and I was able to capture them looking off the cliff face as they took in the horizon beyond them. A truly romantic moment, that just showed that they were ready to take on the world with one another.

After our little stroll, we headed back to the indoor space and so began the festivities. Laura and Steve were immediately on the dance floor, moving as if they were meant for the Gilded Age. Their dance left everyone’s jaws on the floor with spins and dips. It was extravagant and I LOVED it.

Afterward, the rest of the wedding guests took to the floor and before we knew it, a party of dancing, drinking, and celebration broke out all around us. This dancing went on for hours. With hit song after hit song until finally it was time to do their exit.

But, it was no regular exit.

Of course it wouldn’t be. Not for a couple so lovely as Laura and Steve.

The couple watched over the hills as fireworks lit up the night sky to honor their union. An awe-inspiring moment that I was so incredibly happy to have been able to witness.

The only sad thing about this entire wedding I can say is that I don’t get to shoot it every weekend.

So, to Laura and Steve. Thank you.



If you are looking to have your own elegant affair at the Blue Mountain Resort, don’t hesitate to reach out here.

Groomsmen walk in front of clouds with a groom.

A bride and groom kiss in the aisle.

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