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Ballroom at Ellis Preserve | Chelsea & Max

November 27, 2023

A bride and groom walk down the aisle at Ballroom at Ellis Preserve

November 5th was a wonderful day.

With leaves falling too the ground as autumn begins to give way to it’s winter counterpart, we see a revitalization in the season. One born of love, truth and absoluteness as it brings about the new seasons and year’s rebirth.

This is what it was like viewing Chelsea and Max’s special day at the Ballroom at Ellis Preserve. One born of a stress free abundance of love. Like the season’s change, it was natural, as if written into the laws of the universe. Chelsea and Max would be married. It was just a matter of time.

As a Philadelphia Wedding Photographer, I get to photograph weddings all over the state of Pennsylvania. Capturing ceremonies and receptions in different wedding venues from the Poconos to the Delaware.

I’ll be the first to tell you, there isn’t really any such thing as a perfect wedding day. Heck, ask any of the the other photographers in Philadelphia and I’m certain they will tell you the same.

Your Day

As wedding vendors and professionals, it is our mission and goal to give you a wedding as close to perfect as humanly possible. Whether it’s me with my wedding photography, or Finley Catering with their exquisite meals or the planner making certain that every little detail is going accordingly and that the timeline isn’t dragging behind.

There are many moving parts to your big day.

And it’s our passion as a united effort across many businesses to make your dream wedding come true.

From the moment you are getting ready in your bridal suite to dancing at your wedding reception or even further down the line, when you are receiving your wedding album, and looking it over remembering your day.

The way it all comes together is like a work of fine art.

No matter style or budget. Whether it’s an outdoor wedding ceremony overlooking the city of Philadelphia or an indoor underwater pool ceremony. We still give you our absolute best.

Okay, but for real. Don’t do an underwater ceremony. It’s too risky.

That is exactly what happened with Chelsea & Max’s special day.

Ballroom at Ellis Preserve

We came together as a united front and delivered to them a wedding experience they will never forget. One of beauty and love, surrounded by the falling autumn leaves.

Chelsea and Max were such a beautiful couple. Everything they did was dripped in love and passion for one another. Whether it was their first look, where it was as if they had already seen this moment in a vision. As if they had manifested it over the years and this was just the universe giving it to them finally.

Or, their first kiss which it was held with reverence, glee, and heartfelt joy. Or their first dance which was a slow dance that left the entire ballroom teary eyed. Everything between these two was as natural as the autumn wind. The change of the season and as beautiful as the fallen leaves on the ground in early November.

Inside the Ballroom at Ellis Preserve, we were able to photograph this wonderful couple in such a natural space. The pillars outside, marking a sort of strength that their union holds, and the beautiful purples and white lights inside give everything such vibrance.

I felt a deep love and connection for Chelsea and Max, and I can’t wait to watch them grow in love for years to come. I’m honored that when they look back on this wonderful day, they get to see my images. Their love captured through my lens.

It’s my favorite part about this life of mine, which I have spoken at length before in another blog. I won’t do that to you again.

So, without further adieu, Chelsea and Max, I wish you both the most exquisite years ahead. That said, if their wedding day was any sign of the future, I think they are going to be completely fine.



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