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Brooke + Scott at Bartram’s Garden

December 6, 2014


2014-07-27_0001 copy

From the moment we pulled off the highway and started on the windy roads back to Bartram’s Gardens, we knew this was going to be one of the most beautiful weddings we have ever seen. The love that flowed between Brooke and Scott was something couples work towards for many years and never see.

Pulling up to the Gardens was a photographers dream! Perfectly overcast, historic barns, massive windows, what more could we ever want in a wedding?! I think we could have photographed the details for days if Brooke had let us!

The most incredible part was that Brooke and her mom worked tirelessly to put together all the decorations for the reception BY HAND! I truly believe what makes the wedding isn’t elaborate table decorations or thousands of dollars in flowers. What makes the wedding is the incredible people and the strong network or friends and family that have come out to celebrate the day.

Congratulations Brooke + Scott, and we look forward to watching your journey as you grow!



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