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Named Top 100 Wedding Photographers in the USA!

May 5, 2015

It was a day like any other, we got up, had breakfast, watched some television, walked the dog, then BAM our of nowhere we started to get Facebook notifications like crazy!

I’m thinking, this must be a mistake, but when I opened up the link to find OUR NAME published on the list of Top 100 Wedding Photographers in the USA, I had a complete freakout! I’m talking jumping, dancing, cartwheels around the house freakout!

Top 100 Wedding Photographers in the USA!



This list is filled with photographers that we have admired and looked up to for years. Mike Allebach says “To be a successful wedding photographer you must be not only an artist but a savvy marketer and an entrepreneur rolled up into one.  To formulate this list I asked some of the smartest photographers I knew to nominate the photographers who impressed them the most (in business or in art).  This list was compiled from submissions along with photographers who I’ve seen consistently improve their craft.”

We are beyond humbled and so insanely grateful for the recognition. Congratulations to everyone!


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