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OUTFITS MADE EASY: Our Favorite Tips For Picking The Perfect Outfit

January 29, 2020

Planning your engagement session?

Let us help you out!

We know that the biggest stress for our couples is usually, “WHAT THE HECK DO WE WEAR?” We wanted to go ahead and send along a few tips on how to pick the perfect outfit.

1. Think about your feet!

You’re going to be walking around for an hour and a half, so if you know you can only last 5 minutes with heels on… please don’t torture your poor feet! You’ll end up being miserable! So, just like your outfit choice, make sure your shoes are something you’re comfortable in. There are so many cute, non-heel options out there!

2. Consider the Location

Be aware of what your surroundings are going to be and try not to clash (or match!). If your engagement session is in a forest, you probably don’t want to wear green!

3. Show Your True Colors

Don’t be afraid to go bold! Colors render great on camera & white should be reserved for your wedding day. (We are all for off white though!) If one of you are wearing a lot of color, consider choosing a neutral for the other.

4. Dress to Scale

Dress the same scale. If your fiancé is wearing a suit and you’re wearing jeans and a tank, then you’re not going to look like you go together! Be sure to dress at the same level.

5. Switch it Up – Be Formal and Casual!

All dressed up with no place to go? No thanks!

If you want to go casual, why not bring a formal option too? We are not the super formal type of people, but we think it’s fun to dress up once in a while! You can even bring a few options and we can choose together at the shoot!

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