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Right Start Photography: The Best Moments of 2019

January 30, 2020

Ariana + Mike

The Wedding Weekend of the Century

This wedding was our most talked about, most anticipated, and most EVERYTHING weekend we could have ever imagined. Not only did we get to road trip to Maine, but we also stayed for two incredible nights in a cabin under the stars along with the bride, groom and all of their guests. It was summer camp… but for adults! All you could drink, bonfires every night, and group dining in the cafeteria. Ariana + Mike both have personalities that light up the entire world. Seriously, I don’t think it’s even possible to not love them. 

I think our favorite “moment” on this whole day was watching Mike see his bride for the first time as she walked down the aisle. Not only was Mike in joyful tears, but the image of Mike’s father, the pillar of the family, with his arms wrapped around his son in pride really got to me. It’s not too often that we get to see love unfold in a single image, but here we are!

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Jillian + Dan

The Florist Van is Overturned on The Highway

We love the Johnson family. We are so lucky to have photographed the third wedding of this family, with our final one happening in Jamaica! There were SO MANY individual moments and stories that happened on this day (I’m sure there is a blog post to follow), but I think the one that stands out the most in our mind is the story of the florist. Here is the timeline:

The first look was at 12:30pm. Flowers still have not yet arrived so the wedding planner calls to check on them. 

At 2:30 the florist shows up with his van and brings in one bouquet and one boutonniere. The bride nervously asks “you know we need 8 more right?” and the florist assures her he knows. The flowers are “in the van and he will be right back”. Next thing we know the florist is peeling out of the parking lot burning rubber. We are chasing after him cameras in hand. He. Is. Gone.

We start the hunt for the wedding planner. We find her lounging on a beach chair soaking up some rays. She assures us the florist is on the way back with all of the remaining flowers needed.

We decide to proceed with portraits, the girls can all share a bouquet for individual pictures and the guys can share a boutonniere. During family portraits, the planner peeks out from around the corner and “pssts” me to come over to her.

“The florist van is overturned on the side of the highway, flowers are everywhere and the driver is being taken to the hospital”. I kid you not, these were the words coming out of the planner’s mouth. I offered to drive down the road to pick up the remaining flowers, but they were “all ruined” and it wouldn’t be possible.


At this point we have about 1 hour before the ceremony is set to start. We work furiously with the other bridesmaids and start collecting flowers from the grounds of the resort to put together our own bouquets! 

We get to the ceremony with a small number of road bumps. Next thing I know, the planner comes up to me after HALF THE GIRLS have gone down the aisle and says the flowers have arrived……….

If I had to pick a single image from this wedding as my favorite moment, it would be Jillian’s first look with her dad. They always had a special relationship spending time just the two of them and she was the last of the girls he got to give away. In true Tom Johnson fashion, he burst right into tears when he saw her for the first time. Always love the relationships between brides + their dads.

The bonus moment from this wedding is getting to recreate this image for the third time with Jillian + her sisters. So love when it works out to have a series of images like this!

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Rebecca + Tristan

Horsing Around

There were two favorites from this wedding! First of all, a baby horse. Does it get any better than that?! The best part of spring weddings are the baby horses for sure. This one was FULL of energy and we loved watching him zoom in circles around momma!

The second moment was not QUITE as funny at the time, but we can look back at it now and laugh! The caterer never arrived! To buy us some time, Rebecca + Tristan opened the mic up to their guests to say some words. This can be awfully dangerous depending on the wedding, but the bride’s brother had us all laughing!

About two hours later a nice lady showed up with some groceries and Matt spent the evening playing caterer, chopping salads, getting chicken cooked, we even cut and served the wedding cake! Talk about all the different hats we get to wear as vendors.

Morgan + David

A Surprise For Mom

One of the sweetest moments we witnessed in 2019 was Morgan surprising her mother by asking her to dance. After so many years in this business, we know there isn’t a single definition of family. It was so obvious as we spent the day with them how much Morgan + her mom love each other. It was a treat to get to capture the emotion on mom’s face as she was surprised with a dance!

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Jaden + Youssef

Did someone say… pizza?

Okay, this might be the most mouth-watering moment of 2019. We were shooting portraits at Lehigh University (where our other couple Lauren + Matt work, remember their gorgeous rainy day wedding?!) and we ran into Lauren. The beautiful human she is, she gave us a pizza!

Lauren + Kerry

All Dogs Welcome

We had a crazy hour shooting portraits at City Hall in the city! We were photobombed by the cutest impromptu golden retriever named Chance. He was a good doggo and sat pretty for some pictures!

We also ran into several other couples, it’s always so fun to see other brides on their wedding day, it’s like a super-secret club we are all part of!

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Marjorie + Blake

Groomsmen Gone Wild

One minute we are shooting portraits, the next we have a rogue groomsman climbing onto our carriage horse! It was hilarious and I’m lucky we made it out with everyone’s pants intact. I thought for sure we had a rip in the pants coming.

We spent the night in the area and got to hang out with Marjorie + Blake the day after their wedding on their grandparent’s property. It was so special to visit all their favorite spots and hear about the memories she has made growing up watching the sunset from the top of the hill!

Dan + Hannah

Electric Energy

It was our first time watching the traditional Jewish Tish. During this time the guests are separated, the guys are singing, joking, and growing increasingly loud by interrupting the groom as he attempts to make his way to the bride. On the girl’s side, there was singing, reading of poems, and drinking shared by all. As the Tish reaching it’s climax, the bride and groom are marched towards each other, back to back, until they are surrounded by their loved ones and get to see each other for the first time. 

The energy in the room was explosive, and it was so awesome to get to watch Dan + Hannah’s reactions to seeing each other. So much love! They even had the first and only circular ceremony that we got to capture with a drone. How cool is that?!

It rained for the Tish, stopped just in time for the ceremony, and we got a gorgeous rainbow for the cocktail hour!

Lindsay + Dave

A Family Affair

When you have your reception at a family farm the best part is getting to bring your pup! This couple’s dog joined them on the dance floor for their first dance and it was just about one of the sweetest moments ever! If you know anything about us you know we are the ultimate dog lovers.

Jillian + Gian

A Walk Down Memory Lane 

The church these two got married at was the same one Gian’s parents were married in. We made sure to make a stop right on the front steps for some portraits because we knew it would mean the world to both families.

Also this video of Jillian in the trolley! Did she learn nothing from the Bachelor?!

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